Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Charmed, I'm sure.

Many of you know I've been watching Work of Art: The Next Great Artist on Bravo.
For the Work of Art episode 5 challenge, the artists were asked to work together to create a public work of art. Our Etsy Metal Team modified the challenge to produce a team necklace with a charm from each of the participants. All of our charms finally made it together and ended up on a gorgeous necklace charm holder by Victoria.

The one on the far left (top photo) that says charmed is mine. It's a thick sterling bar with three 14 karat gold balls. The other charms from left to right are by: Andrea Ring, Kira Ferrer, Victoria Takahashi, Inbar Bareket, Kathryn Cole, Inbar Bareket (tag), and Stacey Hansen.

This necklace will soon be available for purchase in the Etsy Metal Shop!

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Becoming Jane said...

Oh my goodness this is gorgeous!! I am obsessed with Work of Art!! I would love to be in an etsy group where we did challenges. I am in one but it is more of a hobby type group rather than metal work. I am in a gray area with my work. I do not solder but my work is more intricate than the others in the group!! Maybe it is time to search for a new group!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this is piece!! BRAVO!!