Monday, August 9, 2010

Old Pictures

I spent the morning cleaning my bedroom. And when I say "cleaning" I mean "deep cleaning." Pulling things off shelves, moving furniture away from the walls, cleaning baseboards on hands and knees...well, you get the point.

Not only is the reward extremely satisfying when a space is thoroughly wiped clean, but the things you may find in the progress are just as fun (or in some cases, not fun at all but really disgusting...for instance, the huge spider I found crawling in the dust bunnies under Seth's chest of drawers.)

Kaleb (2 yrs.)

But the fun I'm talking about is coming across all the old papers my kids drew and the pictures we took, like, a million years ago. (Was I ever that young? Were my kids ever that little?)

Sometimes, when I pull out our old photo albums, the memories just hit me the face until I can't breath with the rush of them. Kind of like sticking your head out of a moving car and getting fed so much oxygen at once that it's shocking as well as exhilarating.

Kaleb and Elijah (guessing about 4 and 9 mos.)

My memories are so sweet, I want to watch them like a movie. But there's a bitter feeling that overwhelms me at the same time because those sweet babies are big now. And I can't go back.

Emet (1 year - just had to put an "old" one of him in here so he wouldn't get his feelings hurt.)

I was also reminded, that most of Kaleb and Elijah's baby pictures are all film. I'm going to have to spend a weekend scanning them all into the computer because it would be more than a bummer to lose them.

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