Monday, September 29, 2014

finding homes

Things are beginning to find their places.

Perhaps we have now passed the halfway mark of our things that now have a home in our house. It's not perfect.

 The things belong...

But not always prettily. I have no time for fancy organization. I used to desire it. Crave it. NEED it. Magazine structure. Chaos free.
I can still find myself, even now, wanting that for my space and my life.

But there is so much beauty in just belonging. The cutting board just FITS. The tea is haphazard but I know WHERE IT IS.

It is a satisfaction like family.
No family is perfect.
But we BELONG. Somewhere.

Even the lost have homes that they haven't found ... Yet.
But they are there.
It may not be exactly like what you envision.

But it is home.
For now.

Whetting our appetite 
For a more perfect later.
But just enjoying the NOW.
And being THANKFUL.

God settles the solitary in a home
Psalm 68:6


Jane said...

So lovely. I like the thought of the lost having a temporary home with a lovely view of the yard ;)! Thank you for sharing as always!

Amanda Conley said...

And thank YOU for commenting! Your thoughts are lovely!

Lauri Newell said...

It's interesting to me that you posted this, since I'm working on my book helping people organize their space (kitchens in particular). I've been asking friends to take pictures of their kitchens for me to see what we're working with. So I greatly enjoyed your pictures! I'm right with you in the tension of wanting things to be serene and orderly, but with such a full life the space must be for LIVING not merely viewing. And living is not so orderly. So while I search for the words to help people create serenity and find homes for their things, I will soak in your words that help me to rest, enjoying my home.

Amanda Conley said...

Oh, that is so good, Lauri. It sounds like an interesting book! Good luck on it!