Monday, October 20, 2014

Tiny steps

I feel like I am getting nothing done;

Half finished projects,

Half finished books,

Lists and lists hastily scratched.

I can't go on because the laundry needs to be done,

The dishes washed,

Food cooked for hungry mouths.

Until one day,
A rare day,
It all comes together.

All of the prep work,

The rest days,

The portions of things done in ten spare minutes -

All ends up MATTERING,

That day that it all comes together.

Kind of like a punch line that isn't funny until you sit through the whole set-up of the joke. All that work that feels arbitrary, isn't.

The food turns into meal.
Little by little.

The projects begin to make sense.
Little by little.

Knowledge gets retained.
Little by little.

The child turns into a man.
Little by little.

Faith is built and grown...
Into something solid.
Little by little.

All the history. All the words. All the lives. Eventually lead to one great moment that makes it worth it.
 Thank YOU, GOD.


Lauri Newell said...

Once again, well said, Amanda. I've been thinking and writing a lot lately about tiny changes too... Thank you for this gift of hope that all these tiny steps are not useless.

A said...

Hope you're doing well Amanda. You're such a strong woman.
A friend of mine once said a house is never done. I think it's true, most things keep evolving and we keep on creating, houses, relationships, life…

Amanda Conley said...

Thank you, A!
Tis true, a house in NEVER done! :)

Amanda Conley said...

Also, Lauri, thank you for reading. I am glad I'm an encouragement. I hope to encourage myself and remember all these things when I have a fleeting moment of clarity.