Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lazy and it's OK

This is the kind of day where no one wants to get out of bed (except the youngest - who is whiney and sick and won't go BACK to bed.)

 It is a chilly morning and the kids are struggling to put their brains on (and their clothes on - they are wrapped in toga-like blankets) and I for one, would like to just wear my pajamas all day (which I do occasionally.)

don't often have days like this where I tell myself "It's ok. Everyone has days like this."
But today, I somehow - miraculous beyond all belief - have the presence of mind to give myself and my family permission.
It's ok. Everyone has days like this.

It is an extra cup of tea day.

A pulling away from the "important things-that-must-be-done" day.

A finding time instead to read A Road To Oz and laugh at the clever witticisms of Mr. Baum.

It is a couch visiting day.
One where you tuck the favorite cuddling blanket around your legs and watch a mind numbing show - just because your mind needs to rest. And your body needs to slow.

All of the important learning things, cleaning things, working things will be there tomorrow. But by then, we'll feel like doing them. With joy.
Because we rested.

And it's ok.
Better than ok.
It's GOOD.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this post. Thank you for sharing, and for reminding me that everyone has those days.

Amanda Conley said...

You are welcome! I am very glad that it resonates! :)

Michelle Burgess said...

I love reading your blogs, Amanda! You are truly inspiring!

Amanda Conley said...

Thanks for reading, Michelle! It is nice to know that at the same time that I am encouraging myself, I'm also encouraging others. :) Hugs.