Thursday, July 19, 2012

Play saved the day

I woke up this morning feeling really negative. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that last week I played nurse to a bunch of throwing up people, and then this week, I was the throwing up person. I'm pretty much over it now, except I still don't have an appetite and I'm just all around tired.

I also let myself feel guilty for doing nothing with the kids over the past two weeks except to let them watch TV all day and play video games. Sometimes it happens - especially when people are sick - but I still tend to fret that I'm raising couch potatoes.

Today I implemented a mandatory TV/computer shut off time. We listened to  Seeds family worship cds while the kids built a camping vignette out of clay, complete with moon, stars, birds, sling shots and fire roasted marshmallows. It's really pretty incredible.

 These are their "guys" that are sitting around the campfire. Top; Elijah (who is blowing a bubblegum bubble, fyi) and bottom; Emet.

They also played in a box.

And now I feel better. My children have not forgotten how to play or use their imaginations these past two weeks.

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