Monday, July 16, 2012

My weekend project

I got a few things done this weekend while most of my family was lying around sick. I mentioned a "project" in my earlier post, and here it is. 

I painted Grandma and Grandpa's old wood filing cabinets and stacked them (secured with mending brackets.) I originally just planned to get rid of them and buy a book shelf or something to go in the school "area," but then I realized that these fit perfectly in the corner.


(Sorry the picture angle isn't better; there's a cabinet right behind me so I couldn't scoot back any further.) 

There's nothing like a fresh coat of white paint. And newly organized drawers! In fact, one of the drawers is EMPTY! Yes, it's true. I threw away so many things that I have a whole drawer to put new things in! Ha!
I'm sure it will get filled pretty quickly.

Now on to the next project.Just a few more things to do before the school room in complete and ready for learning!