Friday, December 9, 2011

Sick, Christmas decorating and hearts

This has been a tough two weeks. This virus has literally squashed me with it's giant virus thumb. The past couple of days I've been struggling to put the Christmas decorations up (seems like I struggle with it every year!) I've been letting the kids do a lot of it. Which is nice... if I can let go of my Christmas decorating OCD.

Every night I've woken up in the wee hours to cough for an hour or two. Last night I picked up a new book at 2 am and I found a heart that Emet had made for me that I stuck in there months ago to use a bookmark. It was such a nice surprise. And it gave me the idea for the kid's tree topper.

How are you doing on your decorating? Are you OCD about it, like me? Do you dread it or love it?

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