Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We had a really nice Thanksgiving (well, two Thanksgivings,) despite all the people (all the boys and Seth) being sick. And now baby girl has caught her first virus. So sad. But bound to happen. And I've caught it too. Insert sad face here.

Not all my pictures turned out this time, but I'll show you these.

My ever so lovely little sister:

Somebody really wants cake:

My pretty, pretty mom and her first granddaughter:

This real cornucopia so awesomely made by my very creative mother-in-law:

And a shot of one of the two monopoly games. Which lasted all day. Thursday and Friday:

I hope your Thanksgiving was great fun too. I guess this is the week I should start getting ready for Christmas. I'm sick, so we'll see. We'll see...

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