Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kaleb's Fox Hole Radio Set

My grandfather worked as an engineer for General Motors and invented several car parts and holds more than a dozen patents in his name. My boys are fascinated by this and we're so glad to have Grandpa around to tell us his stories.
Recently he told us how his interest in engineering began when he was given the parts to build a crystal radio set. So, when science fair time rolled around for Kaleb, he decided to build a radio as well. We couldn't find a crystal to use, so Kaleb decided to make a set that was used in the trenches about 20 years earlier than the crystal sets - a Fox Hole Radio.
It was so fun to watch Kaleb figure the whole thing out and to be able to help and watch a few paper clips, thumb tacks, toilet paper roll, razor, pencil lead and wire turn into something that could pick up a radio signal. After many tweaks and experimenting he was finally able to pick up a channel! (Of course the channel had nothing on it except static - but at least it worked!) Kaleb wants to make a tuner for it so that he can try to pick up some other frequencies. So cool.
I am so proud.


ArtizenMetal said...

So cool! Go Kaleb... :)

Courtney said...

That is so cool. Update us after he gets the tuner working!