Friday, February 19, 2010

A really long post

It's been a really tough few weeks. Not only am I still healing from my miscarriage (which took three whole weeks for my body to complete - and let me tell you that no matter how big your uterus gets in pregnancy, it will contract just as hard during labor.)

We also found out in January that my grandma has cervical and uterine cancer. Yesterday we found out that cancer has also taken over her lungs. She and my grandpa (below) just moved here and have recently gotten settled into their new house, and I'm really glad that they were here when this all happened. But I'm so grieved at the severity of the situation because Grandma is such a huge part of my everyday life. I love her so very much and I hate to see her in pain.

But as I was thinking about how I could post something about my life in the past few weeks, I worried that all I had to share was misery and pessimism. When I went through some pictures on my camera, however, I realized that some really good things have happened, too, and I think I'll list them, because I want to remember them, and also because it lifts my mood a bit.

#1 good thing:
My baby boy turned four. He only got to have three candles on his cake though, because when he saw the four fancy candles, he took off with them and only three were recovered.

#2 good thing:
Elijah was in a play. He memorized his lines and delivered them wonderfully. I was such a proud mother!

#3 good thing:
Seth knocked out the cement that blocked our chimney and turned the whole thing into a working fireplace. Perfect timing, too, for all the snow.

#4 good thing:
I finally got some new glasses with my birthday money (thanks Grandma and Grandpa.) My old ones were cute, but the anti-glare coating was flaking off, so Seth decided that he would "fix" it by creating a whole bunch of new scratches on the lens right over my eyeball. Couldn't see. at. all.

Some other good things have happened too, like cute moments with my kids, some good books read, progress made on the remodel... and it's nice thinking of them because as soon as I list things that are good, another good thing pops in my head. Which is also a good thing...and a much needed thing.
So...until next time..


CaRoLiNe said...

It's funny how insecure we bloggers get - that wasn't long at all! I am PRAYING for you and for your grandma =( But I am selfishly glad you are back, because I love photos of your beautiful life and family. That post could have been ten times longer and I would have enjoyed every item!

- C

Agnes said...

I know it's not always easy to find the strength that we need... it's so hard.
Your boys are adorable, Amanda.

béné said...

Just arrived here by the "next blog" button and I couldn't leave without saying hello...

Hello from Paris, France...

Your work is just tremendous.



Courtney said...

Hi Amanda-
Thanks for your comment about my "grandma" post. After reading this post from you I realize that you relate even more! I'm so sorry about your grandmother. I know you must love her so much and it's hard to see anyone you love in pain or uncertainty. I'll be praying for God's best for her, whatever that may be, and especially for no pain!
I'm still thinking about your family and your sweet baby. I'm glad you're doing better physically; I'll be praying for even more good things to lift your spirits.

Kristen said...

I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and I will add you grandmother too (she and your Grandpa are really cute)!

I love your new glasses!! Let me know when you can get together next week, I am really excited to pick your brain.