Thursday, January 17, 2008

Collage College

Been thinking about collages. I really love them (good ones) but I haven't done one in a while (unless you count digital, and mine are like pictures side by side so they don't count! Check out this digital collage, I don't even know how to do that.) I collaged several cigar boxes years and years ago to hold craft supplies and I did a collaged birdhouse for The Birdhouse Thing benefit (I can't find a picture, boo hoo! Tif, do you have one?) It's amazing the things that you can collage: Art work, cards, many possibilities.
Here's some of my favorite collages around the web. Below: greeting card by Sushipot.

Lanterns by Tartx. (browse this girl's site; she does tons of inspiring work.)

And then there is collaged artwork and jewelry by Sally Jean (which really reminds me of Lynn Whipple, below.)

If you want to do a collage and don't know where to start, here is a tutorial for this charming sewn fabric one. (found via Bloesem.)

Tell me about your collages. What do you collage?


Jessica said...

I would love to be a collage artist! But I haven't done much, really. I've blogged about sushipot before. Very cool stuff. I love how simple her artwork is.

Amanda Conley said...

me too!