Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Whipple Work

Today I woke up thinking that I needed to finish some details in our newly remodeled master bedroom, like touch-up painting and adding the electrical covers that my husband forgot to install. Which also got me thinking about our headboard, or lack of headboard as I should say. Since our new room is a remodeled attic, the ceilings are quite low, so I don't think a traditional headboard will work. My idea is to hang five (or seven depending on how large the squares) small squares of some kind of artwork in a row above the bed. So now the challenge is finding the right work for the space. I LOVE Lynne Whipple's work. We have one of her small "ninnies" called "birdie" on our mantel and I adore it. Her other "ninnies" (shown below) are too rectangular for what I have in mind (although I'm sure I could find another use for them) but her "ninny boxes" (three at bottom) could be perfect.
"eggman with bunny ears"


"boy with umbrella"

"the red can"



poppy said...

nice work. i especially like the shadow boxes.

Amanda Conley said...

Me too!

Amy said...

Wow! These are wonderful!