Sunday, May 27, 2007

Five Restaurants

I was tagged by Carrie to do a "restaurant meme" of my five favorite in my area. Well I was going to claim East Nashville as my area, because it really is, but I couldn't think of five that I really like, so I am choosing my five out of the whole of Nashville (and surrounding areas). I really don't have five places that I "love" because I can always find something that I don't like about a restaurant, and there are plenty of places that I didn't list that I really like, so when I started thinking about this I became utterly confused and decided that I actually don't like restaurants at all, although if someone were to offer to take me to one, I surely wouldn't refuse. So after all of this, I have decided to list some places that I have gone where I did not have a bad time and also some places where, if alone I would not rate the food as outstanding, but when I take the children I usually have a wonderful time and the joy of the experience outweighs the taste of the food.
Ichiban- I love to eat sushi and there are lots of places to eat it in Nashville, but I have had the most "good" experiences here. It is located on Second Ave. which is kind of a bummer because you have to park downtown, but if you have on your walking shoes, you can park across the river and cross over the walking bridge (which can be a great date).
The Melting Pot- Also located on Second Ave. Seth took me here for one of our anniversaries and it was such a fun experience. He bought me flowers at the restaurant and they took our picture, which was a nice perk for a special date.
The Old Spaghetti Factory- Wow, I like a lot of restaurants on Second! The food here is not the best, but it's not bad. The kids love it and we all get free ice cream with our meal. I remember going here when I was a kid and those memories combined with the lofty idea that I am creating special memories in my kids minds, keeps this one as a fave. And it's easy on the wallet.
Battered and Fried- East Nashville Yay! I really like this place because it is a great place for kids. A lot of people haven't liked the food, but I don't care because the staff is nice to us when we bring all three boys. The first time we went here, we had just had a fight with Sam at Sam's Sushi over the fact that he didn't like children. He didn't even give them time to misbehave (we had just walked in the door)when he informed us that kids weren't welcome. So we went to Battered and Fried and sat outside. My kids behaved like normal and none of the staff made us feel like they were anything other than perfect princes!
Nashville Pizza Company- We have to travel pretty far to go to this pizza place, it's far out on Hillsboro Rd., but they really do make good pizza. That is all I have to say about that.
Now, I think I am supposed to tag some other people, but I really don't know of anyone else who reads my blog except for Carrie, and she was the one who tagged you DO read my blog and you would like to be tagged, let me know. And thanks Carrie, this is my first tagging and I feel honored:)

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