Sunday, October 30, 2011

House Cure

I have been participating in Apartment Therapy's Fall 2011 Cure for your home. It has been really motivating me to do extra things around the house that desperately need to be done (see previous post...) and each day's step only takes about twenty minutes or less (unless you choose to do more.)
The flowers are from one of the days where the task was to buy flowers for your home. I picked mine from outside.

Now that I'm all motivated to do house stuff, I might take on this organizing challenge when I'm finished with Apartment Therapy's Cure. We'll see.


Joan said...

these folwers have such a nice color!

CreativeSpillage said...

Oh how I needed this! I'm late joining the twenty days, but better late than never!

Amanda Conley said...

Thank you. :)
And yay! This cure makes it easy to start anytime!