Monday, August 16, 2010

Grandma's memory box

My grandma has been living with stage 4 cancer since January of this year. She has gotten weak enough that we are moving her and my grandpa into an assisted living apartment this week. When I was helping her pack and figure out what to take, I came across this box of memories I made for her many years ago when I was first married.

It consists of three decoupaged boxes inside each other, and in each box there are pictures and hand written memories I have of spending time with her over the years. Inside the first box is a booklet...and another box.

Inside the second box are a bunch of scrolls...and another box.

With the memory scrolls, I included a piece of my baby blanket edge, which Grandma sewed back on my blanket several times when I was little. Thank you Grandma!

Inside the third box was an accordion style book.

I'm so glad I found this. It brings back all those precious memories. In the next few months I hope to make some more memories with her. Maybe I'll make another box.


Becoming Jane said...

What a lovely find. I am sure your grandmother treasures that. It makes me miss mine. I have two regrets about my relationship with my grandmother. 1)I never got to spend time with her as an adult, and 2)She never met my husband. Treasure every moment you have with her. It is truly a blessing.

Much Love,

Amanda Conley said...

Thanks Jane. I'm sorry you miss your grandma. I know that is hard. I'm so happy I've had so much time with mine. Grandmas really are blessings.

Lois and Jon said...

It's funny I should read this today, as I was just telling someone how I am sad I never really got to know my grandparents. I saw them on visits occasionally, maybe every 2-3 years when we'd make our pilgrimage from AK to visit the Conleys "back east," but I envy the summers my older siblings spent there when younger. I'm so glad you have that relationship with your grandparents and that your children also enjoy the benefit of their presence.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful idea!! i'm sure she treasures it, and it will be wonderful for you and the boys to hold on to. Prayers for your grandparents (and you) during this time; I'm sure it's difficult, ugh.