Thursday, January 21, 2010

So sorry I've been MIA

I know, I know, I deserve some sort of blogging punishment for my bad blogging etiquette. Perhaps my punishment is that I have no readers anymore.
The truth is that my cute medium sized family of five will be a larger family of six in about six months.
Everybody is very excited, including me, but it seems that I've spent most of the last three months ill, or sleeping.
We have also been remodeling the house so I stayed with my mom for several days, and have been secluding myself away in my room (sans computer) to escape the mess and fumes.

Also, my birthday is this week, and for some reason it's not making me feel particularly blogative. Perhaps it's the hormones...


Agnes said...

Oh congratulations Amanda! How exciting!
And happy birthday too :-)
I missed your blog.

SugarberrySensations said...

Wow, Amanda, Congratulations that is sooo exciting!! =)

Happy Birthday as well!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and Congratulations! I have been thinking about you lately. We need to get together soon.


Kristen said...

Congrats and welcome back to the blog world!!

Becoming Jane said...

How wonderful!! Congratulations!! Much love and luck to you and your family!! And no worries we are all still reading!!

Michael and Jana said...

I knew it! I knew you guys would have another. So fun! You love your kiddos way too much to stop at 3. haha. Congratulations!