Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lake Tanganyika at Home

Seth set up a brand new aquarium recently. Now we have a 75 gallon saltwater marine tank and a 110 gallon freshwater tank (pictured below.) The newest one will be focused completely on the waters of Lake Tanganyika in Africa. Lake Tanganyika is an unusual freshwater lake, housing many marine style creatures and fish that are only found in that location. If you're interested in underwater life, this is a great video! (Make sure you watch all the parts!)


maryeb said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy meeting new wire-working friends.
You really have a nice site. You cover a lot of interesting topics and your photos are great. I like how you added the books you are reading. I'm always on the lookout for a new read (not that I don't have a bit of a backlog).

Becca Nelson said...

Hi. I found your blog through your post on the etsy forums. I really love all of your work. I actually have your "lovely" necklace reminds me of the verse that my store name is based off of (Whatever is Lovely).

I appreciate all of the topics you cover on your blog and the broad range of things that you post about. I need to get better at making my blog cover all areas of my life...etsy, personal life and my relationship with Jesus. Thanks for the inspiration.

Good luck with your store and your blog!

Vailmama said...

The fresh water tank is looking good! So clean and beautifully landscaped. I can't wait to see how the salt water tank turns out.

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Found you on an Etsy the fish photos!