Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Domino is Eco- Friendly

I just got my March issue of Domino and I was excited to see that it was their "green" issue. I thought it might be hard for a consumer magazine to pull that off, but I really enjoyed looking at all the eco-friendly items they found and the articles were pretty good too. I'm not sure that my budget can withstand a total turn to living green but I am excited to look up some the new websites that were mentioned just to see if one day I might be able to afford something that will make my carbon footprint a little bit smaller...
like these cute eco-friendly low-fire clay and lead/cadmium free glazed coffee cups from Terra Keramik (which I absolutely love.)

Or these organic cloth napkins, which would help me cut down on all the paper ones we use. From Ortolan Organic.

We're considering switching out our lightbulbs to these LED's because they're not made with mercury like the current "green" bulbs are. I'm also thinking of getting a smart strip surge protecter to cut down on our computer's draining "vampire power."

And then there are all the natural beauty products out there that are appealing because they seem good for you (which somewhat justifies the need for beauty products) and the packaging is always simple, clean and screams "buy me!"
Check out Farmaesthetics, Burt's Bees, Aedes, Jurlique, and Acquarella Polish.
And last, there were tons of great places to find natural cleaning products. I already clean with vinegar and lemon juice, but I'm glad to find some good sources for laundry detergent, furniture polish, and other multipurpose cleaners.
For other cleaning tools, try Bioclean Home, 3R Living and Casabella.
GOoooo Green! (if you can afford to.)

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Vailmama said...

Wow! Those LED bulbs are expensive! I just got my grocery bags from and I can't wait to get a Shaklee starter kit!