Tuesday, January 29, 2008

True Trapeze Artists

Real live birds on a wire always catch my attention. Apparently they catch a lot of people's attention. There are a gazillion pictures out there of these little creatures perched on man made electrical high wires, but I still can't get enough of them. There is something beautiful about it. (images below from flickr.)

Since we have a show coming up, I've been trying to get Seth to paint more paintings with birds on a wire like in this one (see our cute house in the background?)

I saw these cups at Fishs Eddy and I also fell in love with the cake plate that matches.

Here are some cute cards from Winifred's Studio.


Jenny said...

i hear you on the birds on a wire being intriguing - i kind of have a strange bird attraction in general. thanks for sharing the photos!

by the way, yes we are having a boy :)

Jessica said...

Great selection you put together!

Courtney said...

Love those cups...I love the whole bird motif, Will's nursery is decorated with the bird theme in robin's egg blue and brown. I used antique plates of birds and bird egg from old books and framed them, etc. I will be sad when we have to do the "big boy" room :(