Monday, January 14, 2008

The Three Boys

I was tagged by Carrie to write 8 things about my kid. Since I have three, I'll do three things about each of them. (Yes, I know that adds up to nine things, but I can't very well do a third thing about them.)
Here goes.

About Emet:
1. He has an obsessive fascination with Blue's Clues. He found this day calender at my mom's house and has been carrying it around/sleeping with it for two months.
See the resemblance? If you don't, Emet certainly does (he also never forgets the pencil/crayon that goes with.)

2. He is hopelessly addicted to his pacifier.

3. The highlight of his day is when his big brothers come home from school.

About Elijah:
1. He had the whole "Blue's Clues" thing going on too, but now that obsession has transferred to all things Pokemon.

2. When the camera comes out, Elijah is ready to pose.

3. He is either very quiet or very loud. There is no adjusting the volume!

About Kaleb:
1.His favorite thing to do before he goes to bed is read... and he gets quite upset if Elijah is making him not be able to concentrate.
2. The rest of the time, if he can, he will be making noise.

3. He made a cool fort in the backyard using old stuff that we had lying around back there. The boys play "Survivorman" in it.

Alright, that's it. Now I tag Kristen, Erin, Rachel, Jana and Jessica. (and anyone else who wants to do it.)


Landers Family said...

8 things, huh? I think I can do that!

Jessica said...

Cute things...thanks for the tag.

Vailmama said...

O.K., here goes.....

Michael and Jana said...

Your boys sounds so great! I have completed my 8. Much easier to divide between two. Thanks for the tag. It was really fun to do.