Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wishing for...

Dear Santa,
Here are some things that I am interested in this year. I know I can't get everything, but a couple of these things would be great with me. Thanks!
I really love these vino wine glasses from Crate and Barrel.
O.k. This is my big one. I eventually hope to have six of these chocolate brown counter height chairs for my dining table. I hope to get one or two for Christmas.

I really like these cable knit slippers. I think that they would look cute with some of my outfits around the house. I promise I won't wear them out, although it is quite least they are not the furry hot pink slip on kind of slippers that I occasionally see on the feet of some "very stylish" women at the Kroger down the street...;)

I have asked for a house cleaner every year since I started my own household. And every year I have gotten one. ME! That's not what I meant! Hint, hint!

Anything that smells like this. The sensual amber line from Bath and Body Works.

Oh ,and I can't forget that I'm still waiting on these boots from Anthro
or I'll settle (happily) for these from Micheal Kors.


vailmama said...

Pink slippers at the Roger! Tee hee hee!

Amanda Conley said...

I'm so glad you get that!

Rhondi said...

those Michael Kors boots are to die for.

Rhondi said...

Actually, I think I like the Kors ones better than the Anthro.
Miss ya