Sunday, December 9, 2007

God sent the angel Gabriel to Mary...

We started our advent calender yesterday. I have included in each package three pieces of candy (one for each kid) and a piece of the Christmas story. We read a sentence or two every day, then put it together with the pieces from the previous days and on Christmas eve we read them all together.
The reason it starts on the 8th is because the first year I began doing it for the kids, I didn't think of it until the 8th, so I just made the calender from that day on, and I have been using it every year since...Next year I think I will start at the beginning of the month with a calender similar to this one.


Jessica said...

Very cute! I want to do something like this next year. I had good intentions this year but just didn't get it done. Maybe I'll do twelve days of Christmas!

Courtney said...

Love it! I also think it's fun that it starts on the 8th. I think you should keep it and it'll always be a funny family tradition that it starts over a week into December.
I hear we'll see you on Sunday, too! Can' twait!