Monday, October 8, 2007

Plan To Carry All

Seth and I are planning to take the kids to the beach over fall break, so this week I am planning everything that we need to take with us to make make this a dream vacation. I have been searching around the house for little zippered totes that we can store our cell phone and keys in when we are on the beach, because we certainly don't want any more accidents. I also really need a camera case. Here is one that I found on Etsy and they can custom design it to fit my camera (I also like the other stuff they have at this shop, Working Class Heroes.)

I could also get a normal case. This one is a Tamrac, but it just doesn't thrill me. Does anyone else have any good sources for a cool camera case?

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vailmama said...

I like Case Logic because they have "hard-sided" ones that actually protect the contents from small impacts. If the case is "soft-sided" it holds stuff but doesn't really protect it.