Monday, September 17, 2007

The Fab Four

If you knew me in Junior High or High school, you probably knew that you didn't have look far to find Sarah, Mandy and Amy. The four of us were together a lot. We were the four who would set up the tent on my parents deck and "camp out" and then walk to McDonalds for breakfast before we had even slept a wink. We rode around in my maroon Oldsmobile Cutlass that over-heated and stalled at every stop light, we constantly tried to sneak into various pools after hours, and we were not shy about performing singing and dancing routines in the church talent shows. We made up ridiculous fake names for each other and we were always making silly faces that no one else understood except for us. It has been twelve years since I have seen Mandy, and even longer than that since the four of us were together, until last night. Amy, Mandy, Sarah and I got together again for dinner and to catch up and reminisce. It was so great to see all of us together again. A better reunion I couldn't have asked for.

The four of us in Junior High: From the top: Me, Mandy, Sarah and Amy

Mandy, Sarah and Amy last night (I'm behind the camera).


vailmama said...

You were/are too cute! I bet that was loads of fun.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Amanda, I am posting!! :)
Those pics are GREAT! I am sure I have those copies around somewhere. It was so nice to see everyone Sunday. We must do it again!