Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bijougirl Designs Catalogue

These are some of my newer pieces of jewelry. If you are interested in anything leave me a comment. If you want something that has already been sold, I can always make another that is similar. I am set up to accept Paypal (I can send you a Paypal invoice and you do not have to have your own account.) Enjoy!
Most of these pieces have been sold. Visit my Bijougirl Designs Etsy shop for available pieces.
Sterling silver hoops with adventurine drops; hangs aprox. 1 1/2" from ear $58.- sold

"Love" fine silver pendant about 1/2" in size, with a-symmetrical turquoise
drop; labadrite on chain w/sterling box chain on one side and sterling
rolo chain on the other $80.- sold.

"Set Apart" sterling silver pendant with sunstone 2 1/4" length;
sterling chain, box chain on one side and oval chain on other side $78.- sold

Fine silver earrings w/ rainbow moonstone; hangs about 1 1/2" from ear $58. -sold

Sterling silver pitcher with moonstone $80.- Sold

"Hope" fine silver pendant aprox. 3/4" diam. with bezel set fire opal;
moonstone spaced on sterling chain $110.- sold

Amaznonite and sterling silver ring size 9 1/2; $30.-

"Love" Sterling silver with carnelian; script is aprox. 1 1/2", heart on
side is 1/4" $75.- sold

"Love" fine silver earrings; inscribed heart is less than 1/2" and hangs
aprox. 3/4"long $50.- sold

Sterling silver flower-link necklace w/ jasper; center flower
aprox. 1" diam. $84.- sold

"Hope" fine silver pendant a little less than 1" long w/ hope inscribed
on back; turquoise, amazonite and sterling silver chain $100.- sold

Sterling silver hoop earrings aprox. 1 1/2" long x 1" wide $55.- Sold

Sterling silver ring with the letter A; size 8, $40.- sold

Sterling silver and abalone earrings; hang 1 3/4" from ear, $55.- sold

Sterling silver and abalone earrings; hangs 1 1/2" from ear, $55.-

Sterling silver circle with fire opal; circle is 1" in diameter, $9o.- sold

Sterling silver "Hope" with abalone; $78.- sold


Jenny said...

hey amanda - just wanted to tell you that if you want to learn the code for inserting links (as you mentioned on carrie's page), check out this page.

also, your jewelry is so beautiful!

Jenny said...

haha - you had it with the first two comments! i clicked on your links on those and they brought me to your blog. the last one didn't work though - i think it didn't have ".com" added to the address. but anyways, you've got it! ;)

Jenny said...

wait, actually it worked when i clicked on it from inside my e-mail, but not when i clicked on it from my blog page. hmm. that's strange...

Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

Hey Amanda. Might i buy your silver hoops? They are beautiful.

vailmama said...

Hey, some of my girlfriends are in love with your jewlery! I'm thinking of getting a piece for Crissy for her birthday/Christmas. Could you make me a "c" necklace with the little flower accent? Can I send you a check?