Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tadpoles and fishies

Warning: This post is long on pictures, short on words.

Here's the story: Last Friday, the littler kids and I decided to visit the habitat of amphibians because we were learning about them in science. I was pretty sure that there wouldn't be any tadpoles because they usually lay their eggs in the spring, but lo and behold! There were little pollywogs swimming in the pond!
So, the next day, we took the whole family, prepared to catch some. When we got to the pond, Seth looked at me and chuckled. "Honey, those are minnows...." he said. 
"Yay. Teacher confidence booster. " I said to myself in my most sarcastic voice.

But we still caught a minnow. 

And before I knew it, I had kids in the pond. (Don't worry, I told him to come out. I'm not sure if we are allowed in there, and I'm not sure if anyone would want to be in there anyways...ewww.)

I had to show you these pictures of Estelle on her "leash." We have never used this before, but the day before, when we were scouting out the pond, I realized that the only thing Estelle wanted to do was to dart straight into the water. Hence, our lovely tether came into play.

See, ^^^^. She is going straight for it. Told you.

And here is our minnow.

All in all, it was a lovely outing.

Until next time.

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