Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Chair(s)

When I showed you my "school room" makeover, I mentioned that I was working on the chairs. Well, really, I want chairs, but right now it's just CHAIR.
The one I re-did looked like the one below, only it had a busted out cane-seat with a replacement black faux leather one.




I am looking for another chair. Two chairs fit at the school desk and I want them to be different, but both red. Preferably I would like it to be wooden so that I can paint it the same color as the other one. And I only want to spend a few dollars on it (under $20 - but hoping for $10 or $15.) So I'll have to find it at a yard sale or a second hand store. If any of you have a lead - please let me know!

I have also thought about purchasing this chair (pictured below) but I don't know if it will be sturdy. The price is perfect, the color is perfect, but it looks a little flimsy. 
What do you think?


thefinestkind said...

I LOVE your red chair! And that Ikea chair would be fantastic as long as it would hold up! Ryan is ALWAYS tipping his chair up on 2 legs...I wonder how long it would last through that kind of thing. :)

Amanda Conley said...

Emet tips his chair too! SO annoying. We have actually broken chair legs that way in this house. Maybe the plastic one would have to be for Elijah...