Thursday, July 12, 2012

Science Class

I am really excited about some of our curriculum this year. For science, I have decided to teach the kids Life Science based on the Answers in Genesis curriculum.

 If you have never heard of Answers in Genesis - or their Creation Museum - then you should definitely look it up! It is not just for kid's education, but they have awesome Biblical stuff for everyone. I have never been to the museum, but last year, my parents took Elijah. Now they are building a life size replica of Noah's Ark and I am itching to take the whole family! 

(Below is a photo that my Dad took at the Creation Science Museum)

Anyway, back to the Life Science. I went over some of it last night, and it was hard not to get completely overwhelmed. There are going to be a LOT of projects! We are going to have to buy a microscope! We are also going to have to by a starfish dissection kit, and some hydras! And some owl pellets! And some caterpillars

Fortunately, once I looked these things up, I realized that they would probably not break the bank. We will still be left with a few pennies! Ha!  

And then I started to get excited. Especially after I told the kids about some of the projects. 

We get to buy a microscope! And we get to dissect a starfish! And some owl pellets! And we get to observe some hydras! And some caterpillars! 

Those are just some of the projects for The World of Animals. After that we'll do The Human Body, and in the spring it will be The World of Plants. I'm going to be one educated Mom! ( and hopefully my kids will get educated too.)

Let's just pray this excitement lasts.

(All pictures taken by me unless otherwise noted. Please do not use pictures without permission.)

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