Sunday, November 20, 2011

Family dinners

We've started doing a new thing at dinner time. Each person takes a night and prepares a 5 minute devotional. It can be as simple as telling a bible story, or reading a verse, or even sharing something that you are learning about God.
I never know if the kids are actually listening to me, so this way, they get a chance to be the "teacher." So far, everyone has really enjoyed their turns to share, and the nightly table discussions have really been elevated. I sure hope we can keep this up!
Do you do any kind of family devotional? What do you do?


CaRoLiNe said... that book on an ipad standy thing? Hahahah

Amanda Conley said...

Ha ha, no. We don't have an ipad.....yet. :)
It's just a fat book open at the beginning- so the pages don't stay down unless someone holds them down.