Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The one-eyed Sponge Bob weirdo

We had a successful Sponge Bob party last night. The treasure hunt and the piñata were a hit.

My failure, however was the Sponge Bob cake. Emet has specifically asked for a chocolate cake with Sponge Bob on it.
I spent an hour mixing colors and painting a huge Sponge Bob on the top of the cake. And he looked perfect! I ran out of icing though, and ended up using some left over cookie icing gel for his eyes and mouth. Then I covered the cake topper with a cloth so as to not spoil the surprise - and when I came back a couple hours later, Sponge Bob's eye had rolled right off his head!
Fast forward all the way to after dinner - and his other eye was looking non-eyeish and his mouth was beginning to become wavy. He was just melting apart!
So, when I presented the cake, I apologized to Emet saying that he was Sponge Bob but he was melting and I'm sorry!
Emet looked at me and said, "Mom, I didn't even want a Sponge Bob cake! What I really wanted was a one-eyed weirdo cake!"
And that's exactly what he got.


MisCdaisy said...

how sweet!!!

<3 Melissa

TiFfAnY said...

That cracks me up!

CaRoLiNe said...

"Fast forward all the way to after dinner - and his other eye was looking non-eyeish and his mouth was beginning to become wavy."

Hahahahahah. Love it!!! :-D

nessa said...

amanda, i've been reading up on icing and cakes lately. have made a few and love it. anyway i've always made my own icing from what my momma taught me growing up, and i just make it to taste. but i've come across wilton.com has a high-humidity buttercream icing recipe with the perfect proportion and it says it keeps it from melting and drooping. another tip i read, don't remeber where, was not to refridgerate it if you can help it, to store it in the cardboard bakers boxes because when it comes out of the fridge, the condensation can run your artwork and hardwork. this aritcle was talking about the marshmallow fondant moreso than the buttercream if i remember correctly. also i you haven't tried the marshmallow fondant, it's a blast, turns out looking good. there is recipe on wilton.com for that as well. if you like i can send you a smaller recipe i found somewhere online, it's easier to do in smaller portions and add the color as you're melting it is easier. anyway, i see you have to approve these comments before they're posted, so this is just for your information, i didn't intend all this to be posted on your personal blog page. thanks. my e-mail is nessamcmonkey@yahoo.com i'm also on facebook.