Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I never make New Year resolutions. They're too easy to break. But this year, I thought I'd write a short list of things I'm hoping to follow through with.

1. Put flooring in the playroom (it's concrete now, and I'm hoping to put in cork.)
2. Continue to fix up the kitchen. (notice I'm not saying to finish the kitchen....ha. Can't count on that.)
3. Do some sewing for the new baby girl's room. (Yes, we're having a girl!!!! Whoopy!!)
4. Spend some quality family time together with our new bigger family (maybe a vacation???)

What are you planning on doing this coming year?


TiFfAnY said...

Happy New Year to you too. Thanks for the inspiration with my blog. I love reading yours and check it everyday.

Becoming Jane said...

I am adopting a word this year...discipline. Plain and simple!! I am hoping to marinate on it, let it fester and eventually allow me to grow!! We shall see! A very happy new year and many blessings to you and your growing family!!