Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's a learning curve.

(me @ 14 weeks)

I've been pregnant four times. Each one throws me for a new loop, but there are some things that I've learned that I'm glad I did because they stay pretty consistent.

1. You can NOT eat for two when you are pregnant. Trust me. I've done that. You will become three people if you do that - two of yourself and one baby.

2. The best clothing investments are non maternity clothes that are flowy and stretchy. My favorite "maternity" yoga pants are pants that I have worn over and over since the birth of Emet (and that was almost five years ago.)

3. Flossing is a must when you are pregnant. I can justify an accidental flossing "skip" when I'm not pregnant, but if I go even one day of not flossing when I'm pregnant, my gums will bleed the next day.

4. Most yoga poses can be adapted to a pregnant body using props. And that's important to my state of body and mind.

5. Being pregnant makes my husband get stuff done for me. So I milk it while I can...

6. There's no shame in your belly "popping out" early. Especially if you've already had a baby - everything's already stretchy so it just happens. Embrace it.

What have you learned about being pregnant?


Loving Life Being Christy said...

I have not yet learned but enjoyed reading about your experiences.
Thank you C

JoanDel said...

I've learned that my babies (with whom I was once pregnant) are now my best friends.

Amanda Conley said...

Aww, that's really sweet, mom. =)

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing your experience. :-)