Saturday, November 6, 2010

I finally made something

But it's just for myself. I've been feeling so bad lately that I haven't worked hardly at all. Seth, on the other hand is getting ready for a big art show so the house is bursting with creative energy. As a consequence I decided to make myself a cocktail ring to wear to the show. I've been working on it in very short sessions for at least a week. And I'm pleased with how it turned out.

(Sterling silver, white druzy and turquoise)


DaniBerg said...

You're so crafty! I love all your stuff that you show on your blog. & Congratulations on your baby news !

E² - Esther Eve Metalsmith said...

Oh Amanda! This is stunning ;o)
I'm glad you took a moment to create something lovely for yourself, and I hope that you get over this illness hump very soon!

Amanda Conley said...

Thank you to you both!

Susan said...

It's very pretty!