Friday, July 23, 2010

it's hot

...and I'm not just talking about outside. We haven't had air conditioning since we tried to turn it on at the promise of the first heat wave.

Since getting it fixed wasn't in our budget at the time, we just told ourselves that people used to do this all the time. And on top of that, we might save a bundle on our electric bill!

We've used fans, air purifiers (which blow out air like a fan) and even a de-humidifier, which pulls about a gallon of water a day out of the air. But still, our thermostat hovers around the 88○ mark. On a good day it's 86○.

The boy's summer uniform is their underwear, and I've been walking around in short shorts and a tank top hoping that if anyone pops by unexpectedly, I'll have enough time from the moment they get out of their car until they arrive at the door to dash upstairs and flash change into something a bit more modest.

And with all our effort, our electric bill this month was.....
*cue suspense music*

the same as it was last year!

So much for a bonus for our misery.
But, people used to do it all the time...
...and I feel sorry for them.


Wander Girl said...

I'm so sorry!!! ugh!! But I was quite shocked to find our electric only went up $30 from not using it to using it only when we were home. I think I can handle $1 a day. =)

Lois and Jon said...

And I thought our temps were bad (our average inside temp is around 80 degrees)...yours is a good reminder to feel a bit less sorry for myself ;)

Lois and Jon said...
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