Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BlogHer Gala in NY

BlogHer Voice of the Year Gala

I have a piece of jewelry in this art show. *smile*
It was inspired by a blog that won recognition from BlogHer. (I was assigned one of the winning blog posts.) The piece was about the millions of women and stay at home moms who make a living either by writing blogs or doing a similar stay at home business. So, I entitled the necklace "She Does it All."
The proceeds from the auction will be donated to The Nature Conservancy for use in the Gulf oil spill clean-up.


Jennifer said...

Love your blog. I'm a stitcher and venturing into designing samplers now. I love this necklace. My blog is Feathers in the Nest and I also write so you can see why I loved it.
Do you have it for sale online?

Feathers in the Nest

Amanda Conley said...

Hey Jennifer,
Thanks for writing. This necklace will be for sale online after the BlogHer Gala. The online auction will be put together by Kirtsy, and I don't know the web address for it yet, but when I do, I'll post it. All the proceeds for the necklace will be donated to the Nature Conservancy.

BrennaRose said...

I am scanning through blogs when I came across yours! I love that necklace so much. Please let me know when it's available for purchase.