Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just when I needed it... husband sent me a love letter. Included was a list of some of the reasons why he loves me.

You are loved....

1. You desire to love the Lord.
2. You're driven.
3. The forgiveness in your heart.
4. Your laugh.
5. Your sense of humor.
6. You believe in family.
7. You are a wonderful chef.
8. You have a punishing left hook.
9. You are honest.
10. You have survived all these years surrounded by messy boys.
11. Your faith shone bright enough to illuminate my path to the Lord.
12. You ARE my better half.

Thank you, baby.


Agnes said...

So beautiful.
And the photo too -- absolutely breathtaking.

ms Givens said...

I just heard a traveling minister last night give a talk about how the Bible is God's love letter to us and he used the illustration of love letters from husbands.
That is very nice of your husband!

Brooke said...

that is lovely, lovely, lovely.

Becoming Jane said...

wow. period.

~Marge~ said...

Now that is truly a love letter. Every once in awhile, my hubby of 41 years will surprise me like that. Makes any trials and tribulations in life look very insignificant, doesn't it?