Friday, May 22, 2009

I need a matchmaker!

No, really.
I haven't been getting very much sleep lately.
A mocking bird built his nest right outside my bedroom window. I don't know how much you know about mockingbirds, but they can do over 200 different bird calls plus some other sounds. Ours does at least 200 different bird calls and he occasionally throws in some police siren, frog croaks, crickets, locust and dog bark. I have heard that mockingbirds can also mimic humans, so now I'm wondering if a part of all the "mom!" "mommy!" "mo----om!" throughout our house could actually be the bird. Just what I need. One more talker!
From the time I go to bed until the break of early dawn, it sounds as if there is a menagerie of animals taking turns talking out on the lawn. In reality, it's one lonely male trying to come up with the perfect one-liner to attract his mate.
Somebody please help find this boy a girl! My well-being depends on it!


Love Retro Colour said...

That's funny! I was talking about it with my mom today. Hearing the birds chirping everyday when I leave for work is starting to get on my nerve. But don't know about the mockingbird... that reminds me of the movie "Failure to Launch" with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey. Have you seen it yet? :-)

Amanda Conley said...

I have seen that movie! Was that a mockingbird she wanted to kill? I thought mine was cool at first, but now I don't blame anyone for wanting to kill one!

Love Retro Colour said...

Yes, it was a mockingbird... it kept singing 24/7. No wonder the bird drove her nuts. It would drive me nuts too. :-)