Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 things

I was tagged to write 8 things about myself by Becoming Jane, but since I just wrote this for facebook, I reposted it here.

1.I am not a morning person.
2. I am not a night person either.
3. Catch me between the hours of 10am and 3pm and I'm totally good. Anything before or after that, you have to inject me with coffee or adrenaline to get me going. (It's really a wonder I get anything done in life.)
4. It's really a wonder that I get anything done in life, considering I have three crazy (but wonderful) boys, a crazy (but wonderful) husband, two dogs (and right now two puppies too) and a jewelry business.
5.The only sport I ever thought I was good at was skiing.
6. I hated P.E. because my face turns bright red when I exercise.
7. I really love to exercise now (at HOME)
8. Please don't come over when I'm exercising.
9. I will do pretty much anything for a back massage.
10. To get anything done I have to visualize it. I'm a visualizer.
11. When I was a kid I would (against my own sensibility) visualize jumping from the balcony and bouncing all the way down on the heads of the people in the rows below me, whenever we went on a field trip to TPAC.
12. That visualization made me afraid of heights. Not because I might fall, but because I might accidentally jump.
13. I'm a HUGE reader. Love to read. Yes.
14. I'm embarrassed to tell you how much I like superhero movies. Although they usually disappoint me.
15. Spider-man and Iron Man, however, did not disappoint.
16. With the invention of computers, I am sad to say, that I could probably go years (albeit miserable ones) without ever leaving my house. My friends have to make me leave my house.
17. Once I've left my house I am happy and forget that I ever wanted to stay home. Oh, it's so good to get out...
18. I love sweets, but ever since I turned 30, sugar gives me a terrible headache. I think it's genetic and I got it from my mom.
19. Mom, please quit giving me bad genetic things.
20. I'll probably give bad genetic things to my kids.
21. I probably already have.
22. Thank goodness for Jesus.
23. I only brush my hair, like, twice a week....or maybe less.
24. Don't worry, I brush my teeth way more often.
25. That's me on the right in the photo with my lil' sis, Annalise.


agnes said...

This was highly entertaining :-)

Same here on #23 :-)

JoanDel said...

I love you and everything about you. Yes, you are very funny; Dad thinks so too. Mom