Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An elephant and a bangle full of flowers:

These are a couple recent commissions that I've done.
I'm sorry I've been so sporadic with my posting...I'm going on the tenth week of having this stupid cold. I fear I've lost all my creative inspiration to that. So, if I still have anyone reading, I apologize, and I promise I'll try to do better.


Agnes said...

The tenth week? Are you serious?

Gorgeous pieces and you didn't lose your readers, don't worry :-)

Kristen said...

The crazy weather has everyone sick. I just hope spring is around the corner. How are the pups??? They are sooo cute!!

Becoming Jane said...

I love this bracelet!! I just tagged you on my blog to tell me and your readers 8 interesting random facts about you! Stop by my blog to get the info. Enjoy and I cannot get over your handsome little guy in his birthday pics! TC!!