Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dear Santa,

Some of my family members have asked me to post my Christmas wish list. There really are so many things that I don't have that I want, ...and I've really been trying not to want, but things keep cropping up that end up making their way onto my list.
General things I love: dishes and kitchen accessories, bags and purses, clothes and shoes, jewelry....oh the list could go on.... but specifics, hmmm...
Well, I never got these from last years list, and I still don't have these (and they've been on my mind for a while.)

I really need a reading lamp. I love this modern arc style.

Practically speaking, I need 4 of these blinds in 32" width and two in the 24" width.

And I've been asking Seth to build me a pantry. I have the perfect spot for one, and really need the storage space.
Oh, and paint. I've been trying to decide new colors for the back two rooms for over a year now, but I think I've settled on navy blue (almost black) and the same light grey in the dining room.
If you don't want to get me these things, I'll be happy too. What I really want is a peaceful holiday with a healthy family (and maybe a movie outing.☺)

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