Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Etsy Mentors

Ever thought of opening an Etsy shop? Or do you have one, but you still have a lot of questions? Well, there is a place for you to find out everything you need to know and have someone help you through it. A couple of months ago, I joined the Etsy Mentor team. The team is comprised of other Etsy sellers who have been around long enough to have become an "expert" in certain areas. Here is a list of mentors to contact for one on one answers to your questions. Click on a members shop and send them a message if you want them to mentor you.
If you are blurry about Etsy, but no specific questions come to mind, click here to visit the Sellers Helping Sellers blog. Kept up by the team members, this blog has tons of helpful posts that cover all areas of "Etsying." Good luck and go get 'em!
(Cute card from Whatever is Lovely on Etsy!)

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Love Retro Colour said...

What a great tip! So glad you are doing this to help new Etsy sellers with their shops.

By the way...YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! View the detail on my blog, here: