Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I've been tagged...

...by Rhondi to tell six things about me. Thanks Rhondi! ☺

1. I love to cook, but over the past six months, I've become really bored with food.
2. I really look forward to T.V. shows that Seth will watch with me (there aren't that many of them) and I don't feel bad about putting the kids to bed early sometimes so we can get all prepared to cuddle on the couch and watch them.
3. Sometimes I wish people could just see inside my brain so I wouldn't have to put into words what I'm thinking.
4. I tend to think in images the most when I'm awake. That's why this blog is good for me; it forces me to write words.
5. I'm very unhappy without my morning coffee.
6. I'm convinced there is nothing better than the sound of ocean waves, unless it's the sound of wind rushing by my ears as I'm headed down a snowy slope on a pair of skis.
Now I tag: Carrie, Kristen G., Kristen S. and Erin. (and anyone else who would like to be tagged;)
(Image from we♥it.)


Vailmama said...

I'll get right on it!

Rhondi said...

love those!

Landers Family said...

Umm....so I'm just now reading this. So sorry! I've been a little behind lately...on everything! :) I'll try my best to do this soon. I hope you're doing great! I loved seeing the pictures of Sarah's wedding. She looked beautiful. (and so did you!)

Amanda Conley said...

Thanks! Can't wait to read yours!