Thursday, July 3, 2008

Favorite Things Swap

I just got my package from the Favorite Things Swap hosted by Kelly. Man, I was blown away! My swap partner sent me all these lovely things, and if they're all her favorite things, then we can be BFFs 'cause they're all my favorite things, too! Not only is everything fabulous (and she made half of it!) But it was all wrapped so cutely (is that a word?) in cellophane bags with sweet ribbons and notes with super cool scrap booking details.

Underneath it all: a handmade (yeah, that's right) tiered apron.
From top left, clockwise: set of three hand knit kitchen cloths, soaps and bubble bath from Bath and Body Works, Everday Food Great Food Fast cookbook, a fortune collecting journal (which I forgot about when I wrote her thank you, so, thanks, I love it!), three handmade cards (this girl should open up an Etsy store!), a Starbucks gift card (ummm, so excited), and a set of kitchen towels.
If anyone signs up for a swap in the future, cross your fingers and wish on a star that you get my swap partner! If you're reading this, THANK YOU!

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