Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shoe Shopping

I've been shopping black strappy shoes for an upcoming wedding. My heart goes pitter patter at these and these, but my pocketbook is not that full. *sad face*
(left: Kors Shoes Private Strappy, Right: Tory Burch Heather)

These are pretty cute, though. And the price is just right!


Vailmama said...

Be sure to check sale and clearance at Nordstrom! I got three pairs of the awesomest shoes I have ever owned from there when I was on vacay.

~sjts said...

Yes, I would also check their website. Flat fee shipping and return to store or mail. Between the three, for a wedding I prefer the bottom one, second the Michael Kors. The one with the strap is a little "bondage" to me. But, that is my humble opinion...the one who can no longer even look at those or try to even stand in them.