Monday, June 9, 2008

Go for a glow?

This is what I learned this week about self tanner.
1. They have really come a long way with the looks pretty real.
2. The brand from Bath and Body Works doesn't smell too bad. Kinda perfumy,
and not burnt skin smell.
3. If you're going to indulge in the cool spray kind, it's probably best if someone
sprays it for you.
4. Exfoliating afterward to fix a bunch of streaks, because you thought you could
spray it alone, doesn't really fix all.
5. Cute, long pants that were bought during the winter really come in handy in the

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Vailmama said...

Do a body scrub before you self tan and you get far fewer streaks. I use Faux Tan by Bare Minerals and it has NO "burned skin" smell (the only one I've found without that horrid stench!). It's also tinted so you can see where you have less or more on you.