Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Door

We have been working on the outside of our house for...forever, it seems like. We currently have one window (on the front of the house) painted the correct colors, one window scraped and primed, and one window half scraped. We've had the front door stripped of it's dark gray paint for about a year now; we had decided to stain it. But after involuntarily commenting on other people's bright painted doors, Seth said to me "Ummm, it seems like you want to paint the door instead of stain it."
"Oh, I guess, I do!" So we decided to stain the inside of the door (which is yet to be done) and paint the out side the same color as the window sashes.
I forgot to get a "before" picture, but below is the inside of the door which pretty much looks exactly the same as the outside before we painted, you get the picture.


Next we need to take off the iron door, add numbers and a good light fixture, and finish painting the inside of the portico. Oh, I can't wait 'til it's all done!


amy said...

yeah! looks cool...i love red doors.
doesn't it always take longer than you think? its worth it though in the end- makes you really appreciate it.

Courtney said...

Looks great! We had a curved red door like that on our house in Jackson MS, built in 1927. It had two doors like that and we had to replace one (rotted wood) - I hope you never have to do that. Those custom doors are pricey!!! I just love home projects!

Vailmama said...

That looks great! Are you going to replace the iron?

Amanda Conley said...


Anonymous said...

Red doors are WONDERFUL. They are so happy and inviting! I love it. :)