Thursday, April 10, 2008

My McGyver Tool

My sister and I watched McGyver religiously when we were kids. I think my favorite thing about him is probably every body's favorite thing - he was able to take whatever and turn it in to...whatever else. Even today, I'm always so pleased when I find a tool that was meant for something else, but it works perfectly for the purpose that I have given it!
Yesterday I was looking everywhere for a particular file. I have a whole bunch of files, and I use them all, but nothing would do but the one I wanted. It's not even a file for metal, but it's my favorite tool for filing smooth rounded ear wires and posts. If you've ever worn a pair of my earrings, then you have benefited from this file's handiwork. Guess what it's true purpose is? It's a fingernail file!

What are your favorite tools, and do you have any that were meant for something, but you use it for something else?


Courtney said...

We watched McGyver, too, but I would get so stressed out watching it. You'd think I'd have figured out that he wasn't going to die or whatever.
This is not a tool but I have a jelly jar that I use as a sugar bowl. :) And sometimes I use shoes as spider killers :)

Amanda Conley said...

good ones!

k10 said...

I cannot believe it...I had the same file in college and used it as a screw driver all of the time! Now a have a shed full of grown up tools, I do remember my trusty file fondly.