Friday, March 28, 2008

Pen pals are fun

I was going through old pictures looking for something to post when I ran across this photo of a package that my kids got in the mail from a pen pal (someone we hooked up with via the blogging world.) I fully meant to post about it when they were doing it, but it got lost in the mix.
Anyway, they were so excited to get a letter from a boy around their age with a little package of stuff from where he lives (salt water taffy, sea salt, Utah brochures - oh, and I can't forget the ever special Pokemon cards.) It also gave my kids good practice to write a letter telling about themselves to someone else (although our package paled in comparison to this one.) Yay for pen pals!


Vailmama said...

I can't wait until Z is old enough for this kind of stuff.

Jessica said...

It was fun for B to do this!