Thursday, March 13, 2008

How'd you get that shine?

I had the feeling that I needed to do something about my dull, product built up hair and scalp, so in lieu of purchasing a clarifying shampoo, I did some research and found out that apple cider vinegar and aloe can be a "cure" for hair with buildup. I tried it by massaging all of my hair and scalp with the vinegar and then after rinsing I applied aloe vera to my scalp and then worked it throughout my hair (the aloe is supposed to restore your natural PH balance.) After rinsing that, I conditioned as usual. I have to say that I think it worked! My hair definitely looks shinier and I feel good because I did it naturally. Just don't use the vinegar any more than once every two weeks. I use vinegar everyday in my jewelry making and I know that it can strip things a lot stronger than hair if you use it too often!


Vailmama said...

That sounds great, I can't wait to try it.

Jessica said...

I've used apple cider vinegar in water as a rinse before but I've never tried it like you are describing...or the aloe. I love natural remedies!

Courtney said...

You should go to San Fran! I am sure you would love it! I always wondered who picked out the items for the front page of etsy. Very cool!